First steps

  1. After creating your account and confirming your email (if you haven't received the email after a few minutes, please check your SPAM folder), the website will redirect you to the home page with a brief introduction on how to create your link in bio. Click on 'Next' to proceed.


  1. Click on 'Create linklist' and enter the name of your link, for example: Choose the category that best fits you and finalize the creation of your link in bio by clicking on 'Create'.
  2. Start by adding your first link. Choose the type of link you want to add, paste it into the designated field, and click 'Save’


  1. After adding your link, you'll be able to edit its appearance and modify the colors.

  1. Furthermore, it's also possible to customize the appearance of your link display page.

Ready! Your link in bio is now ready to be shared and added to your social media biography. 😉


Some users tend to use a URL instead of a username, like When using a URL, your link in bio may have an unappealing appearance, and the link will be quite long. It's ideal to decide a name that makes sense for your business. If you have a store, add the name of your store. If you're a realtor, add the name of your office.

Did we forget something? Don't worry! Just email **[email protected]** ✌️